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Fashion Modeling shows off what you are wearing, and this type has
the strictest physical requirements (weight, height, body shape, etc).

Commercial Modeling shows off a product, company, organization, or idea.
Requirements for this type are stricter than Glamour, but less strict than Fashion.

Glamour Modeling shows off you and/or your body. You are just required to look pretty.
This type of modeling accomodates a wide variety of body types and shapes.

Fully Clothed exposes no more than you would normally see in public.

Fitness Clothes can include tight clothes, such as you would workout in.

Swimsuit can include anything up to a bikini. No thongs.

Lingerie includes ladies' underwear, may include thongs.

Partial Nudity means breasts can be exposed.

Implied Nudity means you will be nude at the shoot,
but exposed parts will be covered.

Nudity means completely naked, shot in a tasteful way.

Erotic Nudity is nudity with the purpose of arousing the viewer.
Selecting this level allows a model the most job opportunities.

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